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See You There: Discovering The Places That Tie Los Angeles Together

Community | November 5, 2019 | Share 

470 sq. miles. 140 nationalities. 80+ languages.


However you measure it, Los Angeles has earned its reputation as one of the world’s most robust and multicultural cities. Take a ride around and your senses will soon be awash in sights and sounds as diverse as the people responsible for creating them — from the iconic landmarks of Hollywood to the infectious rhythms of Leimert Park.


But beneath all of this upbeat eclecticism runs a singular, somewhat melancholy undercurrent: isolation. 


Not long ago, the LA Times published a telling article entitled The loneliness problem in L.A. starts with traffic. In it, City Beat columnist Nita Lelyveld noted: “When it comes to connecting, this city of 4 million can be especially challenging given how spread out it is, and how bad traffic is, and how many people move around solo in cars, and how relatively little rubbing shoulders takes place.”


This might help explain why, in ultra-dense Paris where cafe culture and communal cigarette breaks are the norm, more than 71% of Lime riders come from households with one or fewer cars. In Los Angeles that number plummets to an even 50%. 


Simply put, transportation in the second most populous city in the United States has evolved around automobile ownership more than it has around meaningful connection — so much so that Texas A&M Transportation Institute recently rated Los Angeles the worst city in the US for traffic congestion. 


But it doesn’t need to stay that way. 


Today, Lime is working to highlight the people and places that tie Los Angeles together. What began in late October as the first Unlock LA event in collaboration with Be Free Stories has now spread across neighborhoods throughout the city. The “See You There” campaign features colorful ads and events that encourage passers by to ditch the car for a more creative and connective urban experience. There’s even a unique Los Angeles city guide developed by local authors and illustrators. 




“Having lived in L.A., it can definitely feel isolating because you spend the vast majority of time in traffic or congestion,” said Lime CMO Duke Stump. “We felt like there was an opportunity to celebrate how mobility and Lime actually can be a positive source of good around connection.”


“See You There” focuses on a wide variety of Los Angeles neighborhoods, from well-tread beachside communities like  Santa Monica and Venice to hubs of creativity like Leimert Park and Silver Lake. The LA Lime team will be pairing up with local artists and influencers to host unique events throughout the coming months, including a November 10th candle making popup with Lit Soul Candles.


Along with these community events, Lime will continue to host free LAPD-supported “First Ride” courses in districts across Los Angeles to help safely introduce riders to electric scooters. 


To learn more about the “See You There” campaign and how micomobility is bringing communities together around the world, subscribe to 2nd Street, or download the Lime app to take an electric scooter ride in Los Angeles today.





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