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Unlock LA: Be Free Stories And The Power Of Community

Community | October 28, 2019 | Share 

To thrive in Los Angeles, one of the most
multicultural cities in the world, two things are of vital importance: the freedom to safely express yourself and the opportunity to connect with the diverse members of your community.


It’s no wonder, then, that these pillars are at the heart of Be Free Stories. The non-profit organization, founded by Brian Terada, gives individuals and storytellers from all walks of life a platform “to share the parts of themselves that they thought were unlovable.”


It’s a simple yet profoundly touching mission, one that stems from Brian’s own experience of coming out as a young gay Christian. What began as a t-shirt and a slogan to help connect supportive listeners with LGBTQ+ persons in search of a safe place to share their stories has since blossomed into a community of honesty, vulnerability and heartfelt compassion that stretches from Los Angeles to Philadelphia. 

“Be Free begins with the LGBTQ+ coming out story, but it translates to stories of finding freedom for everyone,” Brian writes on the organization’s website. “Since we began hearing stories about mental health, disease, immigration, political association, etc. we now say that Be Free means ‘you are a safe person to come out to...as anything!’”


Last week, Lime and Be Free Stories came together to host a community event at Agency Coffee Co. in West Hollywood. Together with panelists Johnathan Dahl & Brian Delaurenti, Kai Carlton, Breezie Jordan and Monica Rae, the evening was spent sharing personal experiences and discussing the importance of community both within and beyond LA. 


“Our shared goal is to create a more liveable, more connected urban setting,” said Alex Ring, Global Community Manager at Lime. “Like Brian, we can all play an important role in that story, whether it’s something as simple as providing access to clean mobility or as profound as building a supportive local community.”


The collaboration with Be Free Stories is the first in a series of new, locally-focused initiatives meant to help expand on the promise of meaningful human connection that’s central to the micromobility movement. 


To stay up to date on the latest inspiring Be Free content, subscribe to the organization’s Instagram page. There you can also get more information on upcoming Story Nights, new Be Free merchandise and more. 


Visit the Lime Community page to learn about events happening in cities and on university campuses around the world.




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