Lime's Sharing of Mobility Data and Insights

At Lime, our mission is to provide on-demand transportation solutions that help people move seamlessly throughout their communities. Sharing insights with cities, local authorities, universities and other research partners is a central tenet of achieving our transportation and sustainability goals. As the global leader in micro mobility, Lime can have a profound impact on improving transportation by, for example, eliminating transit deserts or providing more equitable transportation access. As a core component of this, we share information with third parties such as public transport operators, city planning groups and universities to improve and inform infrastructure in cities in which we operate, and we are sometimes required by law to do this. We are proud of our track record of partnering with local communities to build the future of urban transportation.

Our Privacy Notice explains the types of mobility data and insights we share with third parties for these purposes. Mobility data and insights help to paint a picture of how people ride and move throughout the streets and how that behavior changes at certain times of year, days of week, times of day or after infrastructure is built. This allows cities, local authorities, universities and other research partners to understand navigation traffic and travel patterns in a city.

With this shared data, cities and local authorities can better understand the general flow of people and traffic across their streets over time. The data provides insights such as:

  • Usage (daily/quarterly/annually)
  • Total miles (daily/quarterly/annually)
  • Summary of distribution and GPS-based natural movement
  • Time saved by residents and commuters
  • Greenhouse gas emissions reduced

Better data analytics is a catalyst for change. The result is better decision-making, smarter planning, safer streets and more people biking and scooting.