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Scooters In Calgary: Lime's First Gen 3 Launch In Canada Sees Surprising Results

Cities | July 26, 2019 | Share 

Lime made its first city-wide Canadian debut earlier this month, and the results are already turning heads.


After a limited pilot in Waterloo last fall, the global leader in micromobility rolled out a fleet of Gen 3 electric scooters in Calgary on July 13. It’s the first time the award-winning scooters, which boast 10” wheels, mountain bike-inspired suspension and an LED display screen, have been launched in Canada.


“We couldn’t be more thrilled at the positive response we’re seeing from riders all around the city,” said Nate Currey, Lime’s Sr. Operations Manager for Western Canada. “Working together with city officials, we’ve been able to supplement our existing e-bike fleet to create a tailored miromobilty system that caters to the transportation needs of all Calgarians.”






Lime scooters arrived in Calgary just in time for the city’s annual titular stampede: the largest rodeo in the world. Special parking restrictions were put in place so as not to interfere with crowds, which can swell to over one million spectators during the event. 


Surprisingly, with a cap of 1,000 scooters per operator, Calgary has already managed to position itself among the highest-performing micromobility markets in the world. This is an impressive feat for such a young market, and it bodes well for a city whose population has grown from 900,000 to over 1.5 million since the turn of the century and shows no signs of slowing down. 


To learn more about new micromobility launches happening near you, subscribe to 2nd Street, or download the Lime app to take an electric scooter ride around Calgary today.


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