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True Green Spotlight: How Lizzy Day challenges the status quo

Our True Green Awards celebrate and recognize individuals and teams who live our shared values through their work and actions. We are proud to work alongside and celebrate these recipients who make a positive impact on our riders, cities and company culture.

Meet Lizzy Day, UK&I Operations Manager based in London and the latest recipient of our True Green Award.

We connected with Lizzy to learn more about how she challenges the status quo and is always pushing for operational excellence!

Why did you join Lime?

I joined Lime because I wanted an opportunity that would empower me with responsibility in an industry that’s focused on sustainable transportation. I joined at a time where Lime was growing in popularity in the UK, and I was excited to be part of that growth.

Lizzy representing Lime at the CoMo UK Event, June 2023

What do you love most about your job?

No two days are the same. As my role is across the UK and Ireland, I can be in Milton Keynes offloading vehicles for a launch in one day, and in Ireland discussing a new scheme with a council the next. The role changes quickly and I constantly need to adapt, always pushing for improvements and operational excellence.

What are you most proud of accomplishing so far?

Launching 3 new markets in my first year. Last September I launched e-bikes in Castlebar, Ireland, our first market in a new country. This year, I launched Nottingham and Derby e-bike schemes. It's so rewarding to know that you’re bringing an accessible, affordable and sustainable mode of transport to new communities, and even more rewarding when they’re well received. In Castlebar over 40% of the town are Lime users! I’m also excited to see the reception that we get in Nottingham and Derby over the coming months.

What excites you about Lime’s future?

It’s very exciting to be part of a team that helped Lime become the first profitable micromobility provider. Part of my role involves expansion, and I’m very passionate about bringing a sustainable alternative to transport to more residents across the UK and Ireland.

Any advice for someone who wants to work at Lime?

Be curious. Things change quickly, we’re always developing new ways of doing things and improving old processes. You’d fit in great here if you’re someone who wants to understand how everything works, challenges the status quo and constantly pushes for better.

How do you use Lime to explore or get around your city?

I’m based in London and riding Lime is a great way to commute and meet up with friends, enjoying the hustle and bustle of the City and its sights, instead of being stuck in the underground tube.

Celebrating the Lime Ireland Launch (Castlebar) - September 2022

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