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New Jersey’s First E-Scooter Pilot Kicks Off With Lime Launch In Hoboken

Cities | May 21, 2019 | Share 

Residents of Hoboken, NJ have a new, carbon-free way to navigate their city.

Earlier this month, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed a bill authorizing the use of low-speed electric scooters in the Garden State. Less than a week later, the first Lime scooters have officially arrived in Hoboken, one mile across the Hudson River from the towering skyscrapers of Lower Manhattan.

“Hoboken is thrilled to be the first municipality in the state to introduce this option to residents,” said Mayor Ravi S. Bhalla. “Not only are electric scooters a convenient way to get around, they also provide an environmentally friendly alternative to driving a vehicle.”

The pilot will begin with 250 Lime electric scooters just in time for summer and peak tourist season. All vehicles will be collected and charged at night to help keep the city streets clear of clutter.



“We’re excited to launch New Jersey’s first dock-free scooter program,” said Phil Jones, Lime’s Senior Director of East Coast Government Relations. “Together with Mayor Bhalla and Transportation Director Sharp, we hope that riders will use e-scooters to enjoy the city, and to more easily connect with mass transit.”

Last month, Lime announced that over 50 million rides had been taken on the company’s electric scooters and bikes in just 18 months. According to global survey results, nearly 33% of these rides replaced a trip that otherwise would have been made by car.

Hoboken’s e-scooter pilot is the latest in a series of launches happening on the borders of major northeastern US cities. In April, Brookline became the first town in Massachusetts to roll out Lime scooters, part of the Greater Boston metro area.

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