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Lime Announces New Name, New Segway Electric Scooter and 3 Million Rides

Spotlight, News | May 1, 2018 | Share 


Hold on to your helmets; May is starting off with a bang.


Today we’re excited to officially announce our pivot from LimeBike to Lime: a subtle shift that means big things for the world of smart personal mobility.

While the original LimeBike brand helped us usher in a new era of dock free bike sharing in cities and on college campuses across the US, Lime represents our exciting growth into multimodal transportation.

With the nation’s only fleet of dock free pedal bikes, e-assist bikes and electric scooters at our disposal, Lime is bringing clean, equitable transportation to more communities than ever before.

And now, our name is representative of that reality as well.


To drive home the importance of new personal mobility options, today we’re unveiling our brand new lineup of Lime-S electric scooters, powered by Segway.

Equipped with a sleek new design, enhanced visibility lighting on all sides and a top speed of 18 mph, the Lime-S Segway Edition is raising the bar on shared electric transportation.


Like our original Lime-S and the rest of our smart mobility products, these new electric scooters are custom designed in-house to promote safety and endure the wear and tear of everyday use.


As of May 1, we’re also thrilled to announce that Lime riders have trusted us with over three million trips since our first launch in 2017.

Whether heading to work, grabbing a coffee or simply spending time with friends or loved ones, more and more riders throughout the US and Europe are opting to leave the car at home and hop on a Lime.

We couldn’t be more grateful to all of you for helping us pass this milestone, and we’re looking forward to millions of great rides and memories to come!

If you’d like to be a part of #limenation, simply download the app or put in a request to bring the US leader in dock free smart mobility to your city or university.

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