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With LimeBike, Dockless Bike Sharing Has Officially Arrived in Los Angeles

In late 2015, when the reality of driverless automobiles was just begining to enter mainstream consciousness, Los Angeles took an unprecedented leap. The city decided to create a Coalition of Transportation Technology, dedicated to paving the way for large-scale changes in modern urban mobility to come.

Two years later, that commitment to innovation is paying off.

Councilman Joe Buscaino of LA's 15th district today announced a 3-month pilot program with Limebike, the US leader in dockless bike sharing. The partnership marks the first time a dockless bike sharing company has operated in any of America’s five largest urban markets, despite the fact that major global hubs like Beijing and Paris have already come on board.

“We’re excited to be the first district in Los Angeles to bring access to this revolutionary dockless cycling technology to our citizens,” says Councilman Buscaino. “In conjunction with LA’s expanding public transit options, we believe LimeBike will help fill remaining mobility gaps in a manner that’s efficient, healthy, and most importantly cost-free for our taxpayers.”


But perhaps more historic than the arrival itself is where exactly in LA the first 250 LimeBikes are being rolled out. Mr. Buscaino’s 15th council district covers a wide swath of Los Angeles, from coastal San Pedro all the way to Watts. These predominantly working-class neighborhoods, some of which have long been defined by racial tensions and underperforming public services, will now find themselves on the cutting edge of the urban mobility revolution - well before more affluent and well-known communities in the city.

“LimeBike has always been about more than just sustainable, affordable last-mile transportation,” says Toby Sun, CEO and co-founder of LimeBike. “Central to our mission is the idea that mobility can and must be equitable, and that we have an obligation to serve every member of the community.”

To that end, LimeBike has teamed up with Councilman Buscaino to provide low income residents with discounted rides throughout the three month program. Qualifying community members will pay only $5 per month for up to 100 LimeBike rides.

For everyone else, $1 will now get you access to 30 minutes of transportation throughout Los Angeles, whether you’re taking a ride through White Point Park or headed to work on South Central Ave. It’s a big step in mobility innovation for America’s 2nd largest city, and a clear indication that dockless bike sharing is beginning to find its rhythm on this side of the Pacific.

To celebrate the launch, riders will be able to use the code "LIMELA" for 25 free rides until November 20th. To see if dockless bike sharing is a good fit for your city, send us an email at [email protected]

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