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With PayNearMe, Lime Takes Industry Lead On Transportation Equity


“Smart mobility” isn’t just the next buzzword in an industry oversaturated with trendy colloquialisms.It means transportation that works for everyone, especially those on the lower rungs of the economic ladder.Today, Lime is proud to announce our national partnership with PayNearMe, providing convenient, affordable mobility to the unbanked and those without smartphones.For just $5, low income riders can now receive 100 rides on our Lime classic pedal bikes, charging their account at any CVS, 7-Eleven, Family Dollar or Casey’s General Store nationwide and unlocking their ride with a simple text message.paynearme-transportation-equity-1“This is a milestone not just for Lime, but for the entire bike and scooter sharing industry,” says Elizabeth Fieser, Lime’s Senior Associate of Strategic Development who helped spearhead the initiative. “Our strategic partnership with PayNearMe will help deliver the promise of equitable mobility access to millions of Americans.”In order to get signed up, riders simply need to set up their Lime Access account via our Community Impact page.Once qualified, payment can be made at any of the 27,000+ PayNearMe locations nationwide.We’re thrilled to offer affordable access to our Lime classic pedal bikes, and we know that true transportation equity requires us to keep innovating and extending our outreach efforts to all community members.Keep your eyes open for more exciting Lime Access developments moving forward!

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