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New Parked Or Not Feature Lets Riders Rate Proper Scooter Parking


How do you correctly park a dock-free electric scooter?At Lime, helping riders answer that question is a responsibility we take seriously. It’s why we’ve developed a host of educational tools like our How to Lime and Lime-S electric scooter safety pages -- even an industry-first video tutorial.

It’s also the impetus behind a new in-app feature called “Parked or Not,” designed to facilitate smarter scooter parking.

Over the past several weeks, Lime has been asking our community to snap photos of their Lime-S scooters before ending their rides. This has enabled us to begin analyzing how well our community understands and follows the rules.


With “Parked or Not,” Lime users can now help in this process by looking at randomized photos and anonymously selecting whether or not the scooter has been parked correctly.

“Think of it as a fun and engaging way to keep your community clean and educate fellow riders on proper parking habits,” said Byran Yang, Parked or Not’s project lead. “By crowdsourcing parking rating, Lime can quickly analyze available data to determine if a scooter is parked correctly and further encourage and enforce compliance.”scooter-parking-parked-or-not-5

Using the information collected through this intuitive new feature, the team at Lime will be able to:

  • Identify users who park scooters incorrectly, provide feedback on their parking and offer additional resources to help them understand how to properly park a scooter
  • Encourage engaged riders to take an active role in educating fellow users in their communities
  • Use statistical models to provide real-time feedback and develop machine learning to enhance the accuracy of future ratings

“The next step is to develop statistical models that help us identify positive and negative behavior,” added Christophe Chong, Lime’s Head of Growth. “With high engagement, we can even begin incentivizing users to park in a way that keeps their ratings up and communities happy.”

It’s all part of our ongoing commitment to partner with cities to encourage responsible scooter use and support liveable streets. At Lime, we firmly believe that we hold a responsibility not just to those who ride our bikes and scooters, but also to every passerby who encounters one of our fleet in the public right of way. We’ll keep innovating to make sure Lime has a positive impact for all.

The new Parked or Not feature will make its debut in select Lime-S scooter markets before rolling out across the platform. To access, simply pull open your account sidebar and tap on the Parked Or Not option.

We’re looking forward to your participation and feedback!

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