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Watch: Lime Partners With mYmO To Introduce Seniors To Micromobility

Micromobility use transcends many cultural and socio-economic divides. The data on this is increasingly clear, from Lime’s detailed annual reporting to Portland’s Bureau of Transportation analyses.Ridership isn’t determined by gender, skin color, income or nationality, but instead by things like mindset, urban awareness, desire to move freely and respect for one’s city.At Lime, we strive to educate all people on the benefits of micromobility and to show them the potential it has to redefine urban living. That’s why we recently paired up with Memory in Motion Between Young and Old, or mYmO, a Spanish intergenerational association based in Madrid.While young people have been quick to adopt and integrate micromobility into their lives, older generations may not be as used to this new mode of movement.As part of our international Respect the Ride campaign, Lime hosted a road safety workshop with mYmO geared towards sharing the advantages of micromobility with the senior citizen community.Lime-S-Madrid-Spain-MymoEvent-005-1“We know that our success relies both on the coexistence of scooter users with non users and on our understanding of each other’s needs and concerns,” said Alvaro Salvat, Lime’s General Manager in Spain.“For that reason and together with mYmO, Lime has created an inter-generational pilot project for people from all ages based on 2 pillars: 1) listening to the citizens’ needs and concerns through surveys and 2) showing them where and how to safely ride and park through test driving and explaining local regulations.”The Lime team spent the day answering questions, demonstrating safe riding techniques and emphasizing the importance of respect towards pedestrians and drivers. The event welcomed a steady inflow of community members stopping by to familiarize themselves with the different nuances of road safety and Lime-S scooter specs.A few hours of education, demonstrations and practice was all it took for these new users to feel confident enough on Lime electric scooters to take them shopping!Watch the video below (Spanish only) to learn more about our work with mYmO, and don’t forget to subscribe to the Lime blog to learn more about how we’re working to better serve riders and communities around the world.

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