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Lime 2018 Year End Report Examines Stunning Growth Of Micro Mobility

2018 has been a watershed year for Lime.

Last December we announced our first one-million rides, celebrating the success of a dock-free biking platform that had revolutionized last-mile transportation in the US.

Twelve months later, riders from Washington to Warsaw to Sydney, Australia have taken more than 26 million trips on Lime vehicles, and our fleet has grown to include e-assist bikes, electric scooters and even transit pods.

The 2018 Year End Report offers a detailed look into the rapid adoption and evolution of Lime micro mobility.

By examining data sourced from millions of rides and thousands of survey responses worldwide, we’re able to better understand not only why riders are using Lime vehicles but how we can continue to serve them moving forward.

For example, since 40% of our riders report using Lime during their most recent commute to or from work or school, how can we work with cities to improve traffic flow during these hours? And if 34% of Lime riders report an annual income of $50,000 or less, what more can we do to ensure equitable mobility access in all neighborhoods?

The Year End Report views micro mobility through a number of different lenses, including trip purpose, mode shift, rider demographics and much more.

It also highlights specific markets throughout the US, Europe and Oceania, bringing to life the unique ways riders are engaging with Lime locally and painting a larger global portrait of micro mobility.

It’s our hope that this collection of data and insights will help educate the general public about the benefits of micro mobility and further demonstrate Lime’s commitment to transparency and policy collaboration.

Check out Lime’s 2018 Year End Report below, and don’t forget to share this article to help bring awareness to the benefits of dock free mobility.


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