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Lime’s (Very) Big Two Days: US Elections, Australia Launch And 20 Million Rides


Some days are more memorable than others. When all is said and done, November 6th and 7th, 2018 may go down as one of the most notable 48-hour stretches in Lime history.Here’s why.

20 Million Rides

It took a little over one year for Lime to reach its first 10 million-ride milestone. It took a little over one month to reach its second. On Wednesday, November 7th, the company officially crossed the 20 million ride threshold, capping off a period of sustained expansion in the US, Europe and Oceania.

As cities like Seattle and Paris continue to set new records in micro mobility usage, ridership in new markets is taking off across the globe -- and it’s showing remarkable results. Portland’s recently-released PBOT report revealed that more than 1 in 5 respondents had either given up or considered giving up car ownership because of the availability of electric scooter companies like Lime.

Lime History At The Polls

Lime announced in October that they would be offering free rides on election day in the US. The decision to team up with non-partisan national voting organizations like Vote.org and I am a voter. helped this blog post to become the most-read article in the company’s history.lime-20-million-rides-australia-launch-us-elections-1

On Tuesday, November 6th, that record breaking trend continued as 10% of all Lime trips made use of the LIMETOVOTE18 discount code offered to help riders get to and from their polling places free of charge. It was the company’s most successful ride promotion to date.

Micro Mobility In Australia

Less than a month after launching in Auckland and Christchurch, NZ, the first Lime-S electric scooters rolled into Australia earlier this week. The arrival of micro mobility at Monash University in Melbournewastouted as a “new way to scoot through campus.”

The announcement was quickly followed by another Lime launch in another prominent Australian market. As of this morning, Lime-E electric assist bikes are available in Sydney to help ease congestion in one of the country’s slowest moving cities.lime-20-million-rides-australia-launch-us-elections-2

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