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New PBOT Report Shows Portlanders Are Replacing Cars With Scooters

Portlanders aren’t just replacing car trips with electric scooter rides; they’re actually replacing car ownership.

Those are just some of the groundbreaking findings of a new Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) survey released yesterday. Submitted by some 4,500 residents and visitors to the Rose City, the report details the wide-ranging impacts that scooter sharing has had on the city since its debut in late July.

Of those who responded:

  • 38% report using electric scooters like Lime either daily or weekly
  • 34% report using an electric scooter to replace a trip by car, taxi or rideshare for their most recent ride
  • 30% report using electric scooters regularly to commute to work, school or appointments
  • 45% report never biking in Portland before opting to ride electric scooters
  • 16% report considering getting rid of a personal car because of the availability of electric scooters, with another 6% actually doing so

The PBOT report comes as Lime has recently surpassed 350,000 rides in Portland, closing in on its first half million miles traveled.

“This is great news not just for scooter riders, but for the entire City of Portland and beyond,” said Jason Wilde, Lime’s Northwest Regional General Manager. “Whether it’s our One Year Report released in July or the survey conducted by the PBOT, there’s an increasing body of evidence that demonstrates the very real and powerful impact that Lime scooters are having every day in communities around the world.”

Earlier this month, Lime paired up with Solar Oregon to help promote renewable home energy in Portland.

You can check out the full PBOT report here, and don’t forget to subscribe to the Lime blog for more updates on the world of micro mobility.

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