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Parisians Took 1,000,000 Electric Scooter Rides In Just 120 Days

In late June they arrived on the streets of La VilleLumière: the first dock-free, electric-powered trottinettes to launch in the country that revolutionized public bike sharing.

Four months later, Paris is celebrating another milestone -- its first one million Lime-S electric scooter rides.

By the end of October, riders in the French capital had traveled over 1.2 million miles on Lime vehicles. That’s far enough to scoot to the moon and back more than two and a half times.Paris4-0

Led by the city’s unabashedly eco-friendly mayor Anne Hidalgo, Paris has been leading the charge in Europe towards pedestrianizing its city streets. Just last week a court ruled that the mayor’s flagship policy to remove cars completely from the historic banks of the Seine could remain in place.

Today's Lime-S electric scooter numbers are the latest indication that, while Parisians love their metro, they’re just as enthusiastic about the prospect of efficient, sustainable mobility options above ground.

“From the beginning, Lime has been committed to working with Paris to create a micro-mobility system that works for everyone,” said Arthur Louis-Jacquier, Lime’s GM of France. “It’s fitting that this world-renowned city has become the first in Europe to break 1,000,000 electric scooter rides.”

In September, Lime was named the official micro mobility partner of Paris Fashion Week, and earlier this month the company paired up with Asia Now to provide electric scooter rides at the Paris Asian Art Fair.

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