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Electric Bike Sharing

Say hello to Lime-E, the next step in smart mobility

With Lime-E, the new electric-assist bike from Lime, your trip across town just got easier. Lime-E's lithium battery helps you ride up to 14.8 mph without breaking a sweat, even uphill! It also stays true to the affordability and dockless accessibility you've come to expect from the US leader in smart mobility solutions.

  • 50+ mile maximum range
  • No license required
  • 14.8 mph maximum speed
  • $1/unlock + $0.15/min to ride
  • 250-watt motor
  • In-app battery monitoring

How much does Lime-E cost?
Just $1 to unlock, and $0.15 every minute to ride!

Do I need a special license to ride Lime-E?
No special license is required.

Is the battery waterproof?
The battery is splash proof, meaning it can withstand both rain and snow.

Are there speed regulations I should know about before riding Lime-E?
Most cities have a maximum speed limit of 15 mph. Lime-E’s is just below that, at about 14.8 mph.

What about helmet laws?
All cities are different regarding helmet laws and electric assist vehicles. Please consult your local DOT for specific information on helmet laws where you’re riding.

How does Lime-E get charged?
Our Lime-E electric assist bikes are equipped with locking, swappable battery packs that we monitor and charge remotely, then replace when they're in need of a little juice.

How do I know how much battery is left?
Checking battery levels is simple. Just tap the Lime-E icon within the app to view available battery life.

How far can a Lime-E go on a single charge?
Lime-E has a maximum range of 50+ miles, depending on usage.

Does Lime-E sign autographs?
Sometimes, if you’re lucky.

Look for Lime-E to roll out in your area soon, or vote to bring LimeBike to your city!