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Electric Scooters in Madrid: Lime Brings E‑Mobility to Spanish Capital

No bulls. No running. Just a fleet of electric vehicles poised to help increase mobility and decrease traffic in the Spanish capital.As of this morning, Lime has officially launched hundreds of our Lime-S electric scooters in Madrid, adding Spain to the growing list of European countries served by our multimodal smart mobility fleet.It’s the first time that dock-free “patinetes eléctricos” have arrived here, and comes after more than a month of conversations with city leaders.“This is a big day not only for Madrid, but for the entire country,” said Alvaro Salvat, Lime’s GM of Spain. “By adding Lime-S electric scooters to residents’ mobility options, the city is reaffirming its commitment to cleaner air, safer streets and more equitable transportation solutions.”electric-scooters-in-madrid-1On top of these benefits, Lime is delivering on our promise of increased employment opportunities in every market we serve. Our Madrid team is comprised of locally-hired staff, whose intimate knowledge of the city is invaluable to our service and integration.We’ve also activated local Lime Juicers who are already earning a significant side income by keeping our scooters charged.We couldn’t be more excited to serve the mobility needs of the historic Spanish capital, and look forward to the millions of great rides and great memories ahead.To find out more about Lime’s industry-leading fleet of smart mobility vehicles, download the app or visit our site.

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