Lime for Business

Provide sustainable and affordable transportation for your employees or guests.

From daily commuting to business travel or events, offer your team and customers the opportunity to travel easily while contributing to your organization’s sustainability goals.

Forget company cars, traffic jams and parking worries! Discover how Lime’s emissions free e-bikes and e-scooters can accelerate your employees - and your organization - to a sustainable future.

Why partner with Lime for Business?

Reduce your organization’s carbon footprint

Transportation is the leading source of carbon emissions worldwide. Clean mobility therefore offers a means of significantly reducing your impact, including Scope 3 commuting.

No hassle, we’ll handle everything

No maintenance, no charging, no concerns about theft or damage. Lime takes care of it all, offering your organization a turnkey solution.

Engage talent through transportation benefits

Offer Lime rides as a benefit to your employees for their commuting and beyond. We can even add parking spaces next to your site.

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