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More Than Just A Scooter: Lime Helps Revitalize Community After Tragedy

Community | December 20, 2018


In 2011, Christchurch, New Zealand underwent a series of devastating earthquakes that took lives, destroyed homes and crumbled businesses. 


The city has been on the road to recovery since then, building an urban hub bustling with creativity and innovation in Canterbury.

As part of that technological movement, Christchurch welcomed Lime and its fleet of Lime-S electric scooters into the community earlier this year. The platform has been working in tandem with Christchurch’s existing public transit options, helping Kiwis log an incredible 700,000 rides in less than three months.

A rather car-reliant city, Christchurch has truly taken to the spirit of Lime and its mission to revolutionize urban mobility.

“It’s been incredible to see people leaving the car at home and instead choosing the scooter to commute to work, ride to cafes along the Avon River or visit the new city library Tūranga,” said George Morrison, who helped bring Lime to Christchurch.

Beyond providing micro mobility options, the locally-based Lime team has helped revitalize and unite the community at large in a noticeably positive way. Access to Lime scooters is empowering locals to explore their city and re-engage with local businesses.


“I haven’t seen this much activity and buzz in and around the city since before the quake - people are out and about and they’re riding with big smiles on their faces,” said Christchurch mayor Lianne Dalziel.

“These e-scooters have made the city increasingly accessible and have supported an immense amount of personalized mobility. It’s great to see international tech start-ups like Lime choose to launch in Christchurch.”

E-scooters also offer an economic boon to community members.

Being a Lime Juicer, for example, is just one of the opportunities the company brings to each city in which it operates. Juicers are paid to collect, charge and deploy Lime scooters on their own schedule.


For Christchurch Juicer Maikara Crosado, the opportunity has allowed him to take control his life.

“I have ambitions and hobbies that require the flexibility in my life that juicing has provided so far,” he said. “Quality of life and happiness has increased, as I am able to allocate time to things that have a better effect on me, family and friends. Also, I enjoy looking for Limes!”

Lime micro mobility is about more than just scooters and bikes; it's about empowering people to live their best urban life. Whether that’s bringing communities together, enabling that last mile boost to get you to work on time or providing meaningful opportunities for financial gain, Lime is dedicated to improving the lives of communities worldwide.

We’d love to hear about how Lime has impacted you or your town. Share your story with us at stories@limebike.com.

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