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Founded in 2017, Lime is the largest and most experienced micromobility operator in the world. We serve more than 250 cities in over 35 countries, deploying more than 250,000 e-bikes, e-scooters, and adaptive vehicles every day. Lime riders have taken more than 400 million rides – 99.99% of which have been incident-free globally – saving over 3.1 million tons of CO2 from the atmosphere.

Lime has been a consistent partner of the City of Boise since 2018. In Boise, Lime riders have completed 1.7 million trips covering over 2 million miles, avoiding over 2,000 tons of CO2 emissions.

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Rider FAQs and Tips in Boise

    • Riders must be 18+ years old and should wear a helmet.

    • Ride in the street, in the same direction as traffic. If there is a bike lane, use it.

    • Only one person at a time may ride a vehicle.

    • Park vehicles upright and out of the way of people walking. Don’t block sidewalks, doorways, driveways, or transit stops.

    • You must have a driver’s license or instruction permit to operate an e-scooter or e-bike.

    • Never drink alcohol and ride.

    • Yield to pedestrians walking, crossing the street, and biking.

    • Violations may result in warnings, additional charges, and platform suspension.

  • Program



    Standard Pricing

    Standard rates

    $1 to unlock, $0.36/min

    Lime Prime

    Unlimited free unlocks over a one (1) month period.

    $5.99 / month

    Employer pass programs

    Service Provider will work with City and its partners to determine opportunities for Employer pass memberships

    To be determined

    Ride Passes

    60 mins within 3 days - $9.99

    100 mins within 3 days - $16.99

    240 mins within 3 days - $39.99

    Flat rate for xx minutes $0 unlock fees

    Student Discount

    Students with a valid student ID will be given 15% - applied to full price rides only

    15% of all full price rides

    Lime Access

    Recipient of any federal, state, or local subsidies, including FAFSA, Pell grants, and EBT/SNAP. Those eligible for Valley Regional Transit reduced fares are also eligible.

    70% off all rides

    Lime Assist

    No eligibility requirements; anyone age 18+ can request a Device through the Adaptive Fleet delivery program.

    Unlimited free rides on delivered adaptive


    Equity Zone Pricing

    When rides start in pre-determined equity zones (e.g., Borah, Central Bench, Liberty Park, Vista, West Boise, and West Bench) a 50% discount is automatically applied. Zones shall be confirmed by City prior to Program launch.

    50% off all rides

    Multimodal discounts

    Discount automatically applied to rides starting within 150 feet of bus stops along Boise’s best-in-class transit routes

    10% off all rides

    Rebalancing Incentive

    Riders who rent priority Devices (that are overcrowded, parked outside a pin, or parked in a lower-use area) and park them correctly at the end of their ride are given $1 off their next trip. Applied to full price rides only.

    $1 off all rides

    Spare the Air

    Gives Riders 10% off on poor air quality days.

    10% off all rides

    Preferred Parking Zones

    Riders who return Devices to Preferred Parking Zones will be given $1 off on their next trip. Applied to full price rides only.

    $1 off all rides

  • Riders can sign up by downloading the Lime app from IoS or the Android store. Once in the app, you enter your information and you will have the ability to begin riding in Boise (and hundreds of other locations worldwide). Reminder, that Lime is for riders 18 years of age and older.

  • We encourage everyone to wear a helmet while riding a Lime vehicle, though they are not required by law to wear in Boise.

    • Go to our Help Center to submit a request or call 1-888-546-3345 to speak with a customer service representative.

    • Reach out directly to our local team at [email protected].

Vehicles type in Boise

Lime Access in Boise

Lime Access is our global equity program that provides discounted rides to eligible residents. It is part of our core mission to provide sustainable transportation options to all. Lime Access members in Boise will receive a heavily discounted rate of $0.50 to unlock plus $0.07 per minute.

To help facilitate enrollment for all who are eligible while also respecting privacy concerns and limited technology access, Lime has developed our Direct Enrollment feature. Direct Enrollment allows our riders to verify their eligibility through our community partners Agency for New Americans and the Boise Women’s and Children’s Alliance instead of uploading their eligibility documentation into our app.

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