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Lime applauds US Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

This afternoon, United States President Joe Biden signed into law a sweeping infrastructure bill that will invest more than $1 trillion to upgrade America’s city streets and public transit, and to mitigate impacts of climate change. Lime CEO Wayne Ting commended President Biden and the US Congress for this generational investment in infrastructure:

“The US Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is a monumental investment in a more sustainable future for America,” Wayne said. “The hundreds of billions of dollars for states and cities to upgrade local streets can put the safety of the most vulnerable road users first--and begin to address historic disinvestment in lower income communities and communities of color. It provides an opportunity to fundamentally rethink how people move in cities, with significant funding to build new, fully-protected lanes for micromobility and thereby encouraging more sustainable travel. Additionally, the historic investment in public transit is crucial as cities work to recover from the impacts of COVID-19 and prevent traffic congestion from constraining growth.

“Our mission at Lime is to build a future for transportation that is shared, affordable and carbon-free, which is why we’re thankful to President Joe Biden, Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for investing in measures to mitigate climate change and support more efficient inter- and intra-city travel.

“As the world’s largest provider of shared electric vehicles, we remain fully supportive of the Build Back Better plan currently under discussion in Congress--especially its significant focus on measures to prevent the worst impacts of climate change such as incentives for transportation alternatives. We’re hopeful this bill can be passed expeditiously to further our collective efforts to build a more sustainable future.”

More information about the US Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act can be found here.

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