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Lime Riders In Tel-Aviv Span Generational Divide

In just a few months, tens of thousands of riders have started using electric scooters in Tel-Aviv; so much so that the “City That Never Stops” has quickly become one of Lime’s top-performing markets.

Popular riding destinations like the Tayelet (Promenade) and the wide, tree-lined Rothschild Boulevard bike lane have become a haven for micro-mobility users of all ages, demonstrating that the convenience and accessibility of Lime electric scooters appeal to an ever-widening segment of the Israeli population.

Below are a few of the riders who are choosing Lime over the headaches of congestion and expensive parking in Tel-Aviv:

Daniel Barash, age 29Graphic Designer


“I can wake up in the morning knowing I have a fast, reliable, fun way to get to work-- no need for my own car. I take Lime from Dizengoff Center to Rothschild Boulevard, and I take it all around the city whenever I need it. It’s great to be outside in the streets, enjoying the city and feeling the wind.”

Nevo Peretz, age 40Founder/CEO of startup, Strigo


“I live up north in Ramat Aviv. Lime is a great way to get to Tel-Aviv city. It’s replaced taxis for me. My team members also take Lime to work, some from the city of Rehovot. They can get to our office quickly and affordably from the train station, which made choosing a location for our office much easier. It’s a life-saver for us, especially while the Light Rail is under construction. Lime saves us time and money.”

Ella Ozer, age 22Consultant


“I love riding Lime throughout the city. It’s fast and sturdy. I ride to work during the week and on the weekends with friends. I can get anywhere I need to go and leave the Lime for the next person. I never even considered buying a car.”

Eddie Sandberg, age 52Dentist


“You can feel the vibe of Tel-Aviv with Lime— I can smell the city. It’s more pleasant and faster than taxis and it saves me time looking for parking for the car. I take it up and down the bike lane at the Tayelet [beach promenade] and to go shopping at Sarona Market and TLV Fashion Mall. Wherever I want to go, I go with Lime.”

Noga Basman, 26Actress


“I depend on Lime. I always look for it when I’m late. I don’t use the bus anymore. I ride it to work in Nahalat Binyamin, to visit my parents in Kikar Rabin [Rabin Square], and even to the Ramat Gan suburbs. I go everywhere with Lime.”

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