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Lime One Year Report Reveals Early Impact Of Scooter And Bike Sharing

One year later, dock-free scooter and bike sharing are starting to show some pretty incredible results.Earlier this month, Lime announced that we had surpassed six million rides since our inaugural launch in Greensboro, North Carolina in June of 2017.Behind the trips themselves, however, are stats and stories from millions of smart mobility users that reveal a richer narrative. For example, did you know that more than a quarter of Lime riders report using Lime to connect to public transit on their last trip? Or that over half of riders come from households earning less than $75,000 per year?lime-one-year-report-bike-scooter-sharingInformation like this provides valuable insight into how people are using our service in their daily lives, and for what reasons. They also give us a concrete understanding of the ways in which electric and pedal-powered vehicles are improving the urban transportation landscape across the United States and Europe, helping cities achieve their goals of advancing transportation equity and building safer, more sustainable communities.Lime’s One Year Report pulls back the curtain on the rapidly growing world of dock-free electric scooter and bike rentals. Using anonymized data gleaned from rider surveys and the Lime platform, we examine our exponential ride growth through many lenses, including average trip distance, preferred vehicle usage, cost, socioeconomic status, transit connectivity, trip purpose, destination and much more.We also dive into the granular details of specific markets to highlight the varied ways in which Lime’s multimodal fleet is impacting cities locally.From San Diego to Berlin, from electric scooters to pedal bikes, Lime is leading the way not only in establishing the smart mobility movement, but in understanding and communicating its effects.Check out the report below and share this article to help bring awareness to the benefits of dock free mobility. You can also click here to view job openings and apply to be a part of the Lime team!lime-one-year-report-bike-scooter-sharing-1

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