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Lime Leads the Charge on Safety Down Under

Authored by Annabel Ellis, Brand & PR Specialist at Lime

Melburnians may have noticed even more Lime green around their city this past week. The effort is part of Lime’s objective to promote safe riding and bring our Safety Campaign - Lime Responsibly - to life. Lime views safety as its number one priority, and believes that long-term investment into messaging, advocacy and education is imperative to create an even more successful experience for both riders and members of the public.

By taking an upbeat, positive, direct and friendly tone, Lime is making the parallel that we’re focusing on the safety stuff, so riders can focus on enjoying the Lime. Messaging focuses on encouraging helmet use, preventing tandem riding, motivating proper parking and more. See a selection of the ads below. In addition to the adverts, riders received in-app education and an email outlining safety reminders.

In Melbourne, over 99.99% of Lime rides end without incident. Hugo Burt-Morris, General Manager of Lime in Australia credits this success to building the program on a foundation of safety. Since launching in 2018, over 2 million riders have taken a trip. With another six months of the e-scooter trial ahead of us, we hope to see those numbers continue to climb! Since launching in Melbourne, the local Lime team have held over 10 safety events to educate riders on proper riding, parking and local road rules and have a calendar of future events ready to roll out.

By putting safety at the forefront of everything we do, we make it easy and intuitive for our riders to ride safely and park responsibly. So we’ll keep focusing on it — helping riders stay safe so they can enjoy the Lime. Lime Responsibly!

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