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Lime Launches E‑Bikes In Warsaw To Advance Clean Scooter Operations

2019 has already been a big year for sustainable mobility in Warsaw.

In June, Deloitte reported that Polish drivers were decreasing their private car ownership at the same time that e-scooter riders were recording their one millionth trip in the nation’s capital. Now, following the weekend’s climate strikes that saw tens of thousands of young people marching across the country, Warsaw is taking another step towards cleaning up its streets.

Global micromobility leader Lime has announced the launch of a fleet of electric cargo bikes to be used by its local operations teams in the city. Clearly visible with bright green branding and enough space to safely transport up to 10 scooters at a time, the e-bikes will enable employees to quickly recover and deploy scooters without relying on traditional, gas-powered vehicles.


“Delivery bikes fit perfectly within our global strategy to minimize the impact of electric scooters on the environment,” said Paulina Mróz, Lime’s GM of Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic. “They’re a resource that allows our patrol teams to move comfortably and ecologically throughout Warsaw while supporting city authorities in the development of sustainable traffic solutions.”

The announcement of bike-powered operations is the latest in a series of initiatives launched by Lime to support micromobility adoption in the Polish capital. Starting this summer, local patrol teams have been employed to respond to all Lime Hotline requests and ensure that scooters throughout the city are parked properly. Then last week, Lime announced free rides and safety helmets at dedicated events in Warsaw, Wrocław and Poznań in support of European Mobility Week.

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