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Lime And 80 Year Old DJ Wika Throw Scooter Safety Party For Warsaw Seniors

If you’ve ever felt you’re too old to ride an electric scooter, meet Wika Szmyt.

Poland’s famed 80 year old DJ was on hand at a scooter safety ride for seniors in Warsaw earlier this month, helping to spread a simple but powerful message: micromobility is for everyone.

The popup-style event, held at the 6,500 m2 Hulakula entertainment center in the Polish capital, featured free helmets, safety information and guided rides on a closed course led by local Lime employees.

“Our research continues to show that micromobility appeals to riders of all ages, not just the young and tech-savvy,” said Paulina Mróz, General Manager of Lime Poland. “Events like this allow us to engage one on one with older members of the Warsaw community, answering their questions and helping them feel comfortable accessing this new and beneficial mode of urban transportation.”



A recent global survey conducted by Lime reveals that 1 in 4 micromobility riders is aged 42 or above. That’s a 5 year increase from December of 2018, indicating that the longer electric scooters are incorporated into urban transportation networks the more they appeal to an older demographic.

September’s popup in Warsaw isn’t the first time Lime has held a senior-focused safety ride, either. In February, the company paired up with intergenerational association mYmO in Madrid to give free scooter lessons to older riders in the Spanish capital.

2019 continues to be a landmark year for micromobility in Poland, as indicated by Warsaw’s million ride milestone and the city’s recently enacted e-bike initiative.

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