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Lime Announces Ambitious E-Scooter Strategy In Germany Based On Safety, Local Cooperation

Spotlight, News | June 14, 2019 | Share 

The eyes of the micromobility world are fixed on Germany.


Thanks to recently-passed national legislation, the 80+ million inhabitants of Europe’s largest economy are about to get their first ride on dockless electric scooters nearly one year after they were introduced in neighboring France.


On Thursday, Lime’s Global Head of Operations Wayne Ting took to the stage at the 2019 NOAH European Leaders Conference in Berlin to discuss his team’s unique scooter launch strategy -- one that’s been tailor-made to fit German cities.


“We believe the way to win folks over is to partner with communities,” said Ting, referencing Lime’s focus on safety and locally hired, on the ground support. “We’re ultimately a local company, and Lime in Germany looks different than Lime in Spain and Lime in the United States. That’s how we operate.”




The first Lime electric scooters will be deployed in the German cities of Berlin, Cologne and Hamburg. According to CEO Brad Bao, this initial fleet of several thousand vehicles will be carefully increased based on utilization, and in close cooperation with local authorities.


“We believe that Germany could be one of our biggest global markets,” said Bao, reemphasizing Lime’s commitment to transparency and accountability.


A recent study released by San Francisco-based data firm Populous bodes well for the impact that micromobility is poised to have on German cities in the coming weeks and months. According to the survey of 7,000 people from more than 10 cities, 70% had a favorable view of dockless scooters.

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