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Lime for Cities

Serving cities is at the core of Lime's mission. From electric scooters to smart bikes, our dock-free smart mobility solutions reduce traffic congestion, promote healthy living and solve the all-important challenge of the first and last mile -- all without subsidies or public funding.

Contact: city@li.me

Lime Business Network

Lime Business Network provides companies and their staff with Lime's GPS-enabled smart mobility vehicles as an employment perk. Our partners work closely with us to design an affordable plan that empowers employees to use Lime for their daily commute and more.

Contact: business@li.me

LimeHub Network

Lime's fleet of electric scooters and bikes can have a positive impact on your small business’ bottom line while offering a new and exciting amenity to your customers. Learn about the benefits of our LimeHub program here.


Lime Access

Lime works hard to ensure that smart mobility works for everyone. By collaborating closely with key stakeholders and community organizations, we've designed a Lime Access equity program providing low-income individuals with heavily subsidized rides.


Lime Campus Network

Lime Campus Network aims to increase university bikeshare use, decrease campus traffic and make sure riding Lime is affordable for students. We work closely with campus transportation authorities to design a tailored smart mobility service, offering flat rate pricing to empower students to use Lime everyday.

Contact: college@li.me

Lime Travel Network

Lime electric scooters and bikes offer a fun, healthy and affordable way for your hotel guests to get around town. Check out the benefits of our Lime Travel Network here.