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Lime Honors Juneteenth

Lime continues to build upon a step we took for the first time last year - recognizing Juneteenth as a day of reflection in the United States. Juneteenth, also known as Jubilee Day or Freedom Day, commemorates the end of slavery in the United States on June 19th, 1865. The day is also now formally recognized as a federal holiday,

In honor of Juneteenth, our U.S. offices are closed today, allowing us to take the day to reflect on the horrendous history of slavery and celebrate the resilience and contributions of Black Americans, their descendants, and other historically enslaved groups across the world.

We are indebted to those Black Americans who not only survived the indescribable cruelties of slavery, but also fought and in many instances gave their lives in the struggle to end slavery in this country. That same fight for equality continues to this day. Racism, police brutality, and unequal treatment under the law remain a daily reality for Black and brown communities across the United States and beyond. Recognizing Juneteenth each year reaffirms our commitment and obligation to stand up and fight for the change we hope to see in our world. And as always, that change starts with ourselves and here at Lime.

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Over the past year, we’ve made celebrating our differences and building an inclusive culture central to our mission, with guidance from BEAL (Black Excellence At Lime) and all of our Employee Resource Group leaders who continuously, support, and drive this important work. However, we also recognize that our work is far from complete, and to achieve our goals will require all of us to pitch in as we strive towards building a truly diverse and inclusive community that lives up to our ideals and aspirations.

We’ve always believed our hyper localized approach with cities has been key in allowing us to meet the unique needs of each community we serve. This commitment is why we’re a sponsor of ‘Juneteenth Weekend’ in our home town of San Francisco, as the Bayview community celebrates the unity of Black San Francisco. Residents are coming together to celebrate not only Juneteenth, but also Father’s Day, with a day filled with a Lil Miss Juneteenth pageant, various performances and supporting local vendors. We’ll also be on site hosting tutorials for first-time riders, handing out helmets, and answering questions about micromobility.

We’re taking the day to be introspective, to deepen our understanding, voice our support for one another, and do our part to contribute towards the ongoing work of creating a more just and righteous world where all black lives truly matter.

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