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Why Lime Engineer Yang Zhao feels energized by our future

Meet Yang Zhao, Head of Product Engineering in San Francisco and the latest recipient of our True Green Award.

Yang leads a team of engineers who design our products and create solutions to improve the rider experience. “Yang is a great team leader,” says Engineering Manager Omar Guenena. “He’s positively impacted our team’s culture by bringing us together, challenging our mindset and encouraging us to think differently.”

Yang tells us about his work experience and why he feels motivated by Lime’s future.

Why did you join Lime?

The mission, the work and the people. Lime’s vision for a future where transportation is shared, affordable and carbon-free captivated me. Moreover, I wanted to work on a consumer-facing (and fun!) product that helps people.

Now, I wake up daily and tackle exciting new projects: from finding simple solutions that yield maximum impact to tackling more complex challenges no one has solved. And Lime’s caliber of talent is impressive! Everyone acts like an owner. We care about our business and challenge each other to be better. That energizes me every day.

Yang with the rider mobile team in Los Angeles, California

What are you most proud of accomplishing so far?

At the end of 2022, I spearheaded an initiative to increase efficiency and reduce the costs of external software. It was a challenging, cross-functional effort involving 50+ participants across 10+ teams. We conducted a thorough audit, consolidated programs and optimized usage patterns. In two months, we yielded a remarkable ~30% cost reduction, translating into enormous savings that impacted our bottom line. These efficiency improvements enable us to spend our time and money on making our product and service the best it can be. And it’s one of many examples of how adeptly this team moves at “Lime speed” when motivated by a common goal.

Yang and the Business Intelligence and Data team work on a new accounting system

What excites you about Lime’s future?

The tremendous potential. As more cities seek sustainable transportation solutions, Lime leads the way. For example, I live in San Francisco and rarely drive. I can find a Lime in minutes, step on and go. I avoid traffic, enjoy the sunshine and fresh air, and do my part to keep our planet green.

That’s the experience we deliver to 4 million riders worldwide – and we want to deliver it to millions more. We constantly work to enhance our technology and push the boundaries on what’s possible so more people can access cleaner greener transportation. I’m stoked to be part of that journey!

Any advice for someone wants to work at Lime?

Keep a growth mindset, be proactive, and demonstrate strong ownership. Also, reach out to Limers! Find us on LinkedIn or social media. (You can reach me on LinkedIn here.) It’s the best way to learn why we love what we do.

Interested in joining Lime? Explore open opportunities on our careers page.

Yang helps the local operations team in Austin, Texas during the Austin City Limits musical festival

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