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#RollModels: How Lime Riders Stay Safe

Authored by Alex Liaw, Senior Manager of Safety Policy at Lime

We are inspired by our #RollModels, the riders who do their part to keep streets safe. We’ve collected a few rider stories that prove safety education is and will always be Lime’s priority.


Take the stress out of navigating city streets by riding in a bike lane.

“I have lived in [Denver] for over 13 years and have enjoyed exploring the newer, safer bike lanes on Lime Scooters. Some of my favorites include the Sherman St bike route that runs in front of the Capital… and the Lawrence St/ Arapahoe St protected bike lane downtown. These are the spaces I feel the safest while riding” - Ben G, Denver


Choose the safest, most convenient route before starting your ride.

“Riding Lime has prompted me to look for quieter streets with bike lanes and avoid the busier ones with inattentive drivers. There’s nothing better than zooming through a palm tree-lined street in Hollywood on a sunny day, which is almost every day! - David T. LA


Check that the front and rear lights work correctly to illuminate the road and make yourself visible.

“When I'm working late and all the trains have left, scooters allow me to get home quickly and safely, even on dark streets and trails.” Julianna L Aurora, CA


Park your Lime in designated areas and never block walkways, doorways, or ramps. Consider lending a hand when you come across Limes that are parked irresponsibly.

“I've pulled over to 'rescue' my fair share of scooters in my time as a Lime user and hope that others consider being a 'good neighbor' so that our collective community can continue to benefit.” - Javier, DC

Riding responsibly can create a safer and more enjoyable experience for everyone. Happy Global Road Safety Week!

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