Ride Review Nominee Spotlight: Lime for Micromobility Operator of the Year!

We are so thrilled to announce that Lime is nominated for Ride Review’s Micromobility 2024 Operator of the Year but we need YOUR help to win!

You can cast your vote here by December 15th!

So, why vote for Lime?

Trailblazers: Lime has consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation in micromobility. From cutting-edge electric scooters to thoughtfully designed e-bikes, we are committed to sustainable, efficient, and affordable urban transportation. We most recently announced that Lime riders have officially taken over 500 millions rides and traveled over 600 million miles (975 million kilometers).

Sustainability Champions: Lime doesn't just provide a convenient mode of transportation; we are also seriously dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint. With a fleet of eco-friendly vehicles and a commitment to sustainability, we are leading the charge towards greener and cleaner urban spaces. As a result of our recent 500 million rides, we have replaced over 125 million car trips, avoided over 50,000 metric tons of CO2 and avoided 5.7 million gallons of gas (23 million liters).

Connected To Our Communities: Communities thrive when people are connected. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing sustainable transportation to all, regardless of age, background, income or ability. We marry our global experience with a hyper-local focus to meet the unique needs of every city and neighborhood we serve. We actively engage with their users, listen to feedback, and adapt our programs and services to meet the unique needs of each city we operate in.

User Friendly App: With a user-friendly app, quick and easy rental processes, and a commitment to safety, we aim to ensure that riders have a seamless and enjoyable journey every time. Additionally, riders can easily unlock a Lime via our exclusive Uber partnership. To see Lime scooters from the Uber app, riders in participating cities can simply tap Ride at the top of the screen and then select Bike & Scooter. Nearby scooters will automatically be populated on the map. Lime scooters can be unlocked via the Uber app simply by walking up to a scooter and scanning the QR code on the handlebar.

By casting your vote for us here at Lime, you're supporting a company that's actively shaping the future of urban mobility. Vote now and be a part of the movement towards smarter, more sustainable cities!

You can cast your vote here by December 15th!

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