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Pride on Wheels: Lime’s top 10 LGBTQ+ landmarks to visit by e‑bike this Pride Month in London

The post was authored by Holly Creswell, Content Specialist.

London, it’s time to Lime with Pride.

This year, we’ve partnered with Pride in London to launch limited edition rainbow e-bikes and e-scooters, helping advocate on behalf of the UK’s LGBTQ+ communities. So now the weather’s heating up, why not hop on a rainbow Lime to show your support, and visit one of the places that represent an important part of our city’s LGBTQ+ community? Both past and present…

Below are Lime’s top picks to visit to immerse yourself in queer history and culture this Pride Month in London… there’s no better way to do so than by e-bike!

Disclaimer: among some of our choices are pubs, eateries, and watering holes so don’t forget - no drunk riding on the way home!

Highbury Fields

The home of the first gay rights protest in London in the 70’s. Plus a nice green space to lounge at with a picnic!

Queer Britain Museum, Kings Cross

The UK’s first LGBTQ+ museum, with free entry providing an exploration into culture to be preserved, explored and celebrated. Pull up around here and explore it for yourself in a space where ‘nothing shocks and all is accepted’... except bad parking!

King's Cross

Hampstead Ponds

Famous for their same-sex ponds, bathed in queer history (also round the corner from the King William aka King William, a pub that oozes iconography…)

Alan Turing Statue, Paddington

Turing altered the course of history when he broke the Enigma code in WW2, estimated to have saved around 21 million lives. A few years ago, he became the 1st gay man on a British bank note.

Did you know, Turing was also a bit of a cyclist? Due to transport strikes, he was set to miss his first day of school, so cycled 60 miles unaccompanied just to attend! Now that’s commitment.

The Grapes

A pub owned by Sir Ian McKellen, known for his roles in Lord of the Rings and X-Men, and a vocal advocate and member of the Queer Community in London.

Gay’s The Word

The first and oldest LGBTQ+ bookshop in the UK, which has hosted readings by a number of prolific and emerging writers within the community.

The Backstreet

While no longer in operation, it has a rich history in fetish gear, some of which is now preserved in museums across London. Why not ride over to the Bishopsgate Institute to check some of it out?

The Glory, Haggerston

An ICONIC venue, a drag hothouse, LGBTQ+ performance venue, nightclub and curators of major events and festivals. They have lots of exciting events scheduled for Pride Month that you can Lime to.


The beating heart of the scene in London, with some of the first late night clubs and bars beginning their lives here below the streets!

A Live Performance of Brokeback Mountain, Soho

Need we say more? In the heart of it all, comes the world premier of the beloved Brokeback Mountain with a live-onstage band, and access performances available, this is one you don’t want to miss.

Worried about directions? Don’t sweat it. Lime has a very handy (+ reliable) phone holder, so pop your first destination into Apple or Google Maps and you’re all set to go.

Remember in-between stops to park your Lime at ‘P’ shown in the Lime app - safely and considerately out of the way of pedestrians. Now in the words of Charli XCX, let’s ride!

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