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Poland Moves Away From Car Ownership As Lime Tops 1M Scooter Rides In Warsaw

The bad news: The Polish capital of Warsaw averages 715 cars per 1,000 residents, more than double that of neighboring Berlin.

The good news: Poles are increasingly moving away from a “saturated private car market” in favor of new micromobility alternatives like Lime.

Those are the key takeaways from a recently-released report by Deloitte, one of the largest professional services and consulting networks in the world.

According to the findings, a slew of new high-tech, short-distance transportation alternatives are becoming increasingly accessible in Poland at a time when more than 60% of the country’s population lives in urban areas.

“We are moving away from ownership in the direction of sharing, renting and using various transport services depending on need,” said Rafał Nessel, Deloitte’s Senior Tech Consulting Manager. “Although it is difficult to predict what solutions will gain popularity and what business models will be successful, this leading trend seems irresistible.”

And it’s not only utility and efficiency that are driving the change. A younger generation of Polish citizens is “increasingly choosing to use solutions that are environmentally friendly,” said Irena Pichola, Deloitte’s Team Leader for Sustainable Development in Poland and Central Europe.

“Awareness of and concern for health and quality of life is gradually growing. Among the young generation we see a change in lifestyle...and a rejection of the need to own.”

The report comes just as Lime celebrated its 1,000,000th electric scooter ride in Warsaw earlier this week. Local team members were on hand to capture the moment and say thank you to the millionth rider Aleksandra, a young professional who uses Lime to help run errands for work.


“The response to Lime here in Warsaw and throughout the country has been truly incredible,” said Paulina Mroz, GM of Central Europe. “We’re grateful to every member of our community for helping us reach this milestone, and we’re excited to continue working together with city leaders to improve mobility access for all Polish citizens.”

Last month, Lime offered free scooter rides to the polls in Poland and across Europe in an effort to increase civic engagement during the 2019 EU elections. The initiative was widely viewed as a success that helped contribute to the first increase in EU election turnout in history.

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