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Our Shared Values

A message from our CEO Wayne Ting to all Limers on our new company values.

What do we value? When we asked our teammates that question, we heard a similar answer: The people.

That’s because, at Lime, we support each other. Through fun times and hard times, we come together, lift each other up, and work as one. That’s what values help us do.

Many of us joined Lime because of our mission, to build a future where transportation is shared, affordable and carbon-free. Whether we support our business, design our technology, or lead operations on the ground, that mission defines what we strive to accomplish.

Our values are how. Values set expectations for how we serve our riders, partners, and each other. Values provide clarity and direction for tough decisions. Values remind us to take a stand. The things we value tell the world how we take action every day.

That’s why we’re excited to present our new shared values. These eight values were informed by Limers around the world and across every team. They are unique to us. And, like our mission, these words exist to guide us toward what we’re all here to achieve.

Defining our values is the first step. Now comes the work of living them day to day.

Our new shared values:

🚲 Obsess about the ride.

We create the best experience possible for our riders and cities. We strive to build the most intuitive technology, safest rides and reliable operations.

📍Think like a local.

Every community, city and culture we serve is unique. We look at the world through their eyes so our decisions meet their specific needs.

📈 Set the highest standards.

We push ourselves to deliver world-changing results. We expect excellence and hold ourselves accountable to follow through fast.

💬 Challenge because we care.

We speak up, ask questions and suggest solutions. We care for those around us by sharing wins regularly and feedback respectfully.

💚 Be you.

We aim to make Lime a place where everyone can belong and be themselves. We welcome different perspectives and experiences to help us all achieve more.

🌤️ See clearly, with optimism.

We are clear-eyed about our present challenges but choose to believe we can make the future better. We face speed bumps and roadblocks head-on, then learn, evolve and move forward together.

🌍 Do what's right for our planet.

We are all fierce advocates for the one place we all call home. No matter our role or expertise, we champion greener transportation and cities that prioritize people over cars.

🛴 Enjoy the ride.

We bring meaning to our work by making a difference in the lives of others. Together, we breathe cleaner air, travel more freely and discover hidden worlds within our cities.

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