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Make A Clean Break IRL: Detox Box Pop-up

by Janica de Guzman
Social Media and Content

A lot of us can resonate with needing to bid farewell to things that hold us back. Like an ex's sweater or *ahem* a car.

Janica de Guzman, Social Media + Content, authored this post.

We celebrated the Make a Clean Break campaign with our Detox Box Pop-up on one of Los Angeles’ busiest shopping destinations, Melrose Avenue. We encouraged riders, influencers and shoppers to get rid of the toxicity in their lives and donate clothing they want to make a clean break from — whether that’s an ex’s sweater or last season’s jorts — in exchange for Lime ride credit.

“I’m making a clean break from my softball gear. It was a hobby I took up with my ex but now that’s over and the gear is still in good condition so it deserves to have a second life with a new owner.” - Rita, Lime Rider

We partnered with 2nd Street Melrose to host and Poolside Etiquette to bring the pop-up to life. A portion of the store was dedicated to a photo wall and Detox Box where we interviewed guests to get them thinking of all the toxic relationships they need to make a clean break from, especially cars.

This in-person activation combined elements of sustainability, fashion, and empowering people to move on from toxic relationships all while embracing a greener future.

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