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Lime: Unlock Life

In 2017, Lime set out to revolutionize urban mobility.

No more traffic jams and carbon emissions; just two wheels, smiling faces and communities connected by access to shared, affordable transportation.

Two years later our vehicles and fleet size may have changed, but our dedication to improving mobility has never been stronger. It’s the insatiable desire for innovation, so deeply woven into the fabric of our identity, that has helped us grow to over 700 employees and 50 million rides spread across 5 continents.

And it’s that same passion that has now driven us to seek clarity, perspective and understanding in something even more profound: our purpose.

Can a scooter change the way we experience the world?

To find the answer, we looked to our community of riders and Juicers, cities and neighborhoods, families and team members, as well as the planet we serve.

What we found was so much more than just two wheels and an electric motor. It was an invitation to reimagine urban life through the wonder of mobility.

When you unlock a Lime, you unlock the joy and freedom of possibility. Whether you’re riding to work, to visit an old friend or to set foot in the ocean for the first time, every trip presents you with a new and unique experience. It’s an opportunity to take back the gift of time from being lost in traffic. It’s a call to play and laugh and explore.

Lime has the power to open up a city to you in beautiful and unexpected ways, and when you unlock one, you’re unlocking more than just a scooter or a bike.

You’re unlocking life.

So can a scooter change our experience of the world? We think so, and we’re excited to introduce you to the next chapter in the story that’s helping to make that change possible. It’s a narrative we’re writing together, and the creative process is only getting started.

Thank you for being part of the movement.

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