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Lime Sets Ridership Records in Support of California Clean Air

Our mission is to build a future of transportation that is shared, affordable, and carbon-free, and one area that will vastly improve in that sustainable future is air pollution. Getting people out of cars and riding our shared, electric, human-scale vehicles cuts down on carbon emissions and air pollution in the cities we serve. That’s why we’re proud to support California Clean Air Day every year, and this year we are thrilled to report that more Lime riders than ever took the Clean Air Pledge. This year, our fourth annual time supporting California Clean Air Day, almost 1500 people took the Clean Air Pledge via the Lime platform. That put us in second place overall this year out of over 560 organizations!

“Every year we try to be more and more supportive of California Clean Air Day and we are so happy our riders take that challenge to heart. This year the number of Lime riders who took the Clean Air Pledge increased by almost 50%! Ridership in California has been strong all year and the impact we’re having on mode shift is real, reducing air pollution and encouraging sustainable transportation alternatives one ride at a time, thousands of times a day. We look forward to supporting Clean Air Day next year and continuing to find new and exciting ways to support the Coalition for Clean Air in California,” said Alyssa Edelen, General Manager, Lime.

In order to encourage people to do so, we offer discounted rides in the form of two free unlocks and we are so proud that so many people took action this year. We are deeply grateful to our California riders across the state in Los Angeles, Long Beach, Oakland, Sacramento, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, San Jose, Tahoe, and West Sacramento.

California Clean Air Day is a project of the Coalition for Clean Air that asks everyone to do their part to reduce pollution and improve air quality in the Golden State. This initiative matches perfectly with Lime’s core mission of building a sustainable transportation future, especially because the transportation industry leads the world in CO2 emissions. As climate change accelerates and cities around the world become more and more dedicated to protecting the environment and reducing air pollution, we are proud to be helping advance a future of carbon-free transportation and power our scooters with 100% renewable energy. At Lime we believe that our riders believe and take pride in the idea that each time they replace a car trip with an e-scooter or an e-bike ride, it plays a small part in helping to create the sustainable transportation future we are trying to build.

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