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Lime Partners With Deutsche Telekom

Earlier this month, Lime “elektro-rollers” arrived in Bonn, Germany - the ninth local launch in a country that was recently named the de facto epicenter of the micromobility world.

Today, the global leader in micromobility is taking its investment in the city, and the country, a significant step further by launching an exclusive campus pilot program with Deutsche Telekom.

Lime and the European leader in telecommunications are teaming up to grant free scooter access to employees at Deutsche Telekom’s headquarters in Bonn. The program will equip six designated office buildings with both electric scooters and Swiftmile charging stations, allowing staff to navigate the campus grounds in a convenient and environmentally friendly way.

The sustainability component is particularly relevant given the fact that Deutsche Telekom obtains two-thirds of its electric energy consumption from renewable sources.

“With this agreement, we are excited to be working with Lime on new mobility solutions that allow employees to utilize sharing and other individual means of transportation apart from shuttles, cars, etc.,” said Olga Nevska, Managing Director of Deutsche Telekom Mobility Solutions.


The Lime Gen 3 scooters on Deutsche Telekom’s campus will be outfitted with the unmistakable magenta colors of one of Germany’s most respected and recognizable brands. Lime will also be supporting a First Ride launch event for employees to help them get accustomed to this new mode of on-campus transportation.

Beyond the immediate mobility benefits of the pilot, however, an intriguing bridge has been constructed -- one that connects two tech companies with a passion for experience and innovation.

“We are delighted to provide Deutsche Telekom and its employees with convenient and green transportation on campus,” said Ryan Foutty, Global Head of Business Development at Lime.

Lime’s other German markets include Berlin, Hamburg, Dresden, Munich, Stuttgart, Cologne, Düsseldorf and Frankfurt.

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