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Lime In Lisbon: Micro Mobility Takes Center Stage At Web Summit 2018

As the 10th annual Web Summit technology conference wrapped up in Lisbon this week, one expression continued to dominate the conversation: micro mobility.

“We have to understand that, for mobility, we don’t need a transition, we don’t need an evolution,” said speaker Miguel Gaspar, the city’s Deputy Mayor of Mobility and Safety.

“We need a revolution. And for that you need innovation.”

Like more than 130 markets globally, Lime has become an integral part of the mobility solution in Portugal. The company’s Lime-S electric scooters took to the streets of Lisbon just last month, and already total rides have eclipsed 100,000.lime-lisbon-micro-mobility-web-summit-2018

To help share perspectives from global leaders in the industry, Lime founding team member Caen Contee was invited to speak at two Web Summit events, including Thursday’s center stage discussion on the value of electric scooters.

The head of Lime’s Marketing and Int’l Expansion stressed the importance of partnering with cities to create wholistic mobility changes -- those that address the needs of riders and non-riders alike.

“It means that you’re coming in with proposals,” said Contee. “It means that you’re saying to a city, ‘Here’s what we think we can work on together with you based on the goals you’ve set out over the next 5, 10 and 15 years.’”lime-lisbon-micro-mobility-web-summit-2018-2

By way of example, he noted the success of markets like Paris that have wholeheartedly embraced this collaborative approach. He also referenced Lime’s recently-launched Respect The Ride campaign, a $3 million initiative geared towards educating and promoting responsible ridership.

You can watch the entirety of Lime’s presentations in the videos below, and check out photos from around the sold-out event.

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