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Lime Defends Women’s Access to Health Care

Our CEO Wayne Ting sent this email to all U.S. Limers today.

Team –

Like many of you, I was shocked to read this morning that the Supreme Court reversed decades of precedent and took away a woman’s constitutional right to reproductive freedom established under Roe v. Wade almost 50 years ago.

This decision and its rationale are radical and extreme. It will have devastating consequences by putting the health of countless women at risk. And as is often the case, this decision will have a disproportionate impact on communities of color, rural areas, and women with fewer resources who can’t easily travel out of state to access the care they need.

This decision is outrageous. It is heart-wrenching. And it is wrong.

I always believed if Lime was a person - she would be an optimist, an urbanist, and a fierce advocate for civil rights, human rights, and justice. This is why Lime advocates for policy positions beyond transportation; this is why climate and sustainability are core to our mission. And this is why Lime will not stay silent in a moment like this when women’s rights are under attack.

As we all begin to process the implications of this ruling, I want to be clear: Lime stands with your right to make your own decisions about your own health.

Lime has always supported women’s fundamental right to reproductive freedom and we’ll continue to do so despite this decision. Here’s how we’re taking action right now:

  1. All Lime U.S. health plans currently cover reproductive care, including legal abortions. We’re actively working with our benefits providers to cover additional travel assistance for those who live in states where access is limited or unavailable. This work will include ways on how to confidentially seek this assistance.

  2. In the interim, where benefits do not include travel assistance, Lime will commit to covering all travel and accommodation expenses for any Lime employee or their listed dependents seeking access to abortion care.

Your health and safety are our priority, and we’ll continue to examine ways we as an organization can support the fight to restore this right and partner with organizations that provide access to all.

Meanwhile, I know these are difficult times. Please know that members of our ERG, Women@Lime are here for you. I am here for you. We have resources like our Employee Assistance Program that can provide additional support to you and your families.


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