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How Women Veterans Help Lime Thrive

This month around the world, we celebrate Veterans Day in the United States, Armistice Day in France, Volkstrauertag in Germany, Remembrance Day in the United Kingdom, Canada and more. While the significance of these days varies, their spirit is the same: a chance to honor the people who have given so much to our countries.

At Lime, we’re fortunate to be home to many military veterans and their family members. Whether they support our business, build our technology or lead operations on the ground, veterans – and particularly our women veterans – bring unique perspectives and skills that help us all achieve more.

So we caught up with members of Lime’s veterans' community – Hanit Diller, Melanie Cawdery, and Melissa Willis – to learn more about how their experiences help Lime thrive.

What originally attracted you to Lime?

Hanit: When I saw the Procurement Specialist opening at Lime I jumped on it. Contributing to a mission-driven company that’s focused on improving the climate, bringing cities together and supporting military members is so important to me.

Melanie: As a Senior Operations Analyst for Special Projects I help our Operations function succeed. So I was particularly excited to join this team to work with the people. (And they’re great people!) Lime genuinely cares about its cities and riders and doing right for the world. I wake up every morning and get to be part of that.

Melissa: I fell in love with Lime because we provide a service people need but can’t always access: affordable, carbon-free transportation. As a Manager of Recruiting Operations, I’m so thankful that I have the opportunity to help attract the talent that drives these changes.

How has your experience helped Lime thrive?

Hanit: Serving in the Israeli Defense Forces taught me discipline, the value of hard work, loyalty, and teamwork and cultivated my confidence. Working in procurement requires strong negotiation skills. The skills and expertise I gained in the military enabled me to more confidently negotiate and ask the right questions to ensure the right outcome. Thanks to my experience and a supportive team, I can succeed and make an impact at Lime.

Melanie: Over the years, I’ve seen many friends decide to transition out of military service. It’s not easy. They've built their lives and careers around the military community and sometimes wonder how their background and expertise will transfer into the civilian world. In my role, I get to help create a community for veterans that not only supports their transition but advocates employing more veterans. I want Lime to be a place where veterans across the world know they are welcome, appreciated and supported.

Melissa: My stepson is currently serving in the Navy. It’s opened my eyes to the vast range of transferable skills military members, veterans, military spouses, and wounded warriors can bring to almost any position. And as a Manager of Recruiting Operations, I get to ensure this community of people are considered for opportunities that might not always seem obvious. It’s part of helping Lime build the world’s greatest team.

What do you value most about Lime’s veterans' community?

Hanit: The veterans' community at Lime includes a caring group of people from various countries who come together to share their stories in a safe space where they can be heard and belong. Serving my country was one of the proudest moments of my life. So for me, knowing that I can turn to such a supportive and welcoming group has made this a great place to work.

Melanie: My husband is an active duty Naval officer. As a “military spouse”, I’m always eager to connect with veterans and allies who understand the commitment and sacrifice made by our service members and families. The community here helps provide a safe space for support.

Melissa: During my time in the VETS@Lime resources group, I’ve met so many people, participated in countless events with colleagues from around the globe and so much more. Sharing ideas while bringing awareness to the talents of the veterans’ community brings me joy.

At Lime, we warmly welcome members from the military community to consider Lime for their next career. If you’re interested in bringing your talents to our team, our VETS@Lime resource group is available to share our experiences and answer your questions.

Check out our careers page at www.li.me/careers to see our open positions.

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