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How Lime brings purpose and passion to Zahin’s career

Meet Záhin Rahman, Senior Tax Manager in Portland, Oregon and the latest recipient of our True Green Award.

Záhin oversees the planning, preparation and implementation of tax strategies. “Not only is he a star Tax Manager, but he does it all with a fantastic attitude!” says teammate Grace Piercy. “Záhin collaborates so well across the company, has led new ways to strengthen our business and has positively impacted our team.”

Záhin tells us about how he found purpose and passion in his career at Lime.

Why did you join Lime?

While looking to make a career move, I wanted something exciting that got me out of bed every morning (I love my bed). I wanted to solve complex problems and work with inspiring people. Lime checked all those boxes from the jump. And more importantly, Lime gave me a sense of belonging and community. Every Limer is invested in building a carbon-free future for transportation and understands their role in shaping that future.

What are you most proud of accomplishing so far?

Lime is a high-growth company, so there are always opportunities to help improve efficiency. Last year, I led a project to automate how Value-Added Tax (VAT) payments get aggregated and recovered. This massive undertaking wouldn’t have been possible without incredible cross-functional support and collaboration.

After completion, the project had a tremendous impact on our business. Additionally, the process improvements ensured we’d continue seeing positive effects year after year and that the hard work of our local operations teams gets reflected in the numbers.

Záhin with fellow Limers at the Finance off-site.

What excites you about Lime’s future?

Everything. Our mission to bring greener transportation to more communities is crystal clear. Will we face challenges down the road? Absolutely. But will we get there? There’s no doubt. I work with some of the brightest folks I know. We not only deliver greener solutions, but we also make journeys more enjoyable.

For example, I find there’s no better way to explore Portland than on a Lime. I skip the traffic, the parking hassle and the expensive alternatives. On top of that, I feel so much more present. I notice my surroundings more, and all our city has to offer. And as more Portlanders discover Lime, they’ll feel the same.

Any advice for someone who wants to work at Lime?

The best advice I’ve received here is to understand the business from top to bottom, not just your specific role. We’re a young company. As a result, we wear many metaphorical hats, and things run at an accelerated pace (we even have a word for it: Limespeed). But along the way, you soak up so much knowledge and adapt and grow in such a short amount of time. You get to contribute in ways that make a tangible impact. You don’t get that at most other companies. Limespeed makes Lime special.

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