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Global Road Safety Week: Speak With Your Hands

Authored by Joey Forghang, Trust & Safety

It’s Global Road Safety Week, do you know your hand signals?

When riding Lime, being predictable means being safe and hand signals are essential to communicate between riders, drivers and pedestrians. Joey Forghang, Trust and Safety Associate at Lime, rounded up some common hand signals used by riders and why they're important.

To the left, to the left.

Left Turn Signal

Extend your left arm straight out from the shoulder, parallel to the ground. This lets drivers and other road users know to slow down as you turn left.

Always right.

Right Turn Signal

Extend your right arm out to your side or extend your left arm and hand upward, forming an L shape with the elbow. The best way to avoid confusion or collisions is to signal your right turn early.

Stop in the name of safety.

Stop Signal

Extend your left or right arm angled downwards. Keep your arm in this position until you come to a full stop.

Heads up.

Hazard Signal

Extend your left arm and point with the index finger in the direction of the hazard on the road This alerts other riders and drivers to avoid dangers such as potholes or debris.

Now, a show of hands. Who’s ready to ride? It is important to know that some countries may have different hand signals or regulations. Familiarize yourself with local laws and customs before hitting the road. Stay Safe!

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