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Celebrating the Inaugural National Employee Resource Group Day

A diverse and inclusive workplace is not something that just happens. Lime and our employees work everyday to build a supportive environment where everyone feels valued.

One of the ways Lime helps to build community is by supporting our ERGs. ERGs are employee identity or experience-based groups that help a diverse range of people within a corporation find community, and create a more productive and inclusive workplace for all. Lime’s dedicated employees that organize and participate in these groups do not get enough credit for their important work, which is why we are supporting Mogul’s inaugural National ERG Day to draw well deserved attention to the value that ERGs bring to companies like Lime.

Lime’s global ERGs include BEALe (Black Excellence at Lime), Womxn at Lime (Womxn-identified or assigned female at birth), LimePride (LGBTQIA+), and Los Limes (LatinX) ERGs. Responding to employee interest, we are developing ERGs for Veterans, Parents, and Immigrants.

ERGs at Lime provide inclusive and insightful learning opportunities (such as guest speakers, fireside chats, and focused learning events), empower members through discussion and education with respect to their career paths and planning, as well as social connections. We also recognize the power of allyship and encourage allies to participate as strong forces on our inclusion journey.

A few of our ERGs’ recent initiatives include:

  • F.A.C.E. Race hosted a Cultural Understand Workshop, a series of critical and reflective structured dialogues designed around a set of materials (e.g., readings and videos) meant to inspire self- and organizational- reflection.

  • LimePride organized a partnership with the It Gets Better Project for Pride Month 2019. For every story shared throughout June 2019 about love, acceptance and staying true to themselves on social media, Lime donated $1 to the It Gets Better Project.

  • A Fireside Chat on Allyship and Intersectionality with F.A.C.E. Race organized by BEALe

  • Professor Kellie Mack presented a workshop on the Power of Personal Brand organized by Womxn at Lime

  • A Fireside Chat on Racial Justice and Criminal Justice Reform with the Anti-Recidivism Coalition organized by Los Limes

  • A workshop on High Performance Negotiation Skills for Women with Dr. Leigh Thompson organized by Womxn at Lime

  • A workshop on Mindfulness: Tools to Disconnect organized by Lime Pride

ERGs are not just good for our employees, they are good for business. Lime operates electric scooters and bikes around the world, but our ultimate mission is larger. We believe in transforming cities through green, affordable and accessible transportation for everyone. To better understand and serve the diverse needs of the communities with which we partner, we must have a wide variety of backgrounds and life experiences on our team.

To further Lime’s goal of a diverse and inclusive workplace, we recently posted a new position for a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Program Manager. As we continue the hiring process for this position, we will be looking for a candidate to lead company wide cultural initiatives, specifically designed to support and promote diversity and inclusion at Lime.

So, on this National ERG day, Lime wants to thank ERG leaders and participants at Lime and companies around the world for making our workplaces better, more dynamic, and more successful.

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