2022 Ride Replay

More than 115 million rides in 250 cities on 5 continents.

As gas prices rose, we rode in peace. We waved as we passed traffic jam after traffic jam. We covered 140 million miles traveling to and through parks, cities and beaches. Here’s a snapshot of how we rode around the world this year.

2023 Resolution

Beat your personal best.

The greener you ride, the greener the globe gets. The world needs more riders like you. Keep setting the example — and keep enjoying the ride! 💚

2022 Ride Replay: Lime Cities

Traffic has never been worse. Gas prices are at an all-time high. Middle-finger sightings and profanity-laden rants have been witnessed globally at an alarming rate. It was the perfect time to Lime - and riders around the world did it in style. What was your city's vibe this year?

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