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Lime Down Under: Auckland And Christchurch, NZ Join E-Scooter Movement

Cities | October 15, 2018 | Share 

The micro mobility movement has officially made the move down under.

On Monday morning local time, industry leader Lime deployed a fleet of viridescent electric scooters in Auckland and Christchurch, New Zealand.

The event marked the third continent to launch Lime-S scooters in just eight months, and the first in the Southern Hemisphere.

“New Zealand has been a priority market for us for a long time,” said Hank Rowe, Lime’s NZ City Launcher. “The advantage of our e-scooters is that they work together with existing public transit options, allowing people to rely less on personal cars and helping to preserve the country’s world-renowned natural beauty.”



Prior to Monday’s arrival, Lime worked closely with the New Zealand Transport Agency to help ensure that all safety concerns were thoughtfully addressed.

Alongside online resources, printed collateral and helmet giveaways, the company is currently the only micro mobility provider to offer safety and educational videos instructing hundreds of thousands of riders how to properly use and park electric scooters.

"It’s exactly the kind of thing we want: zero emissions and a lot of fun." ” said Christchurch Councilwoman Vicki Buck.








But accessible, carbon-free mobility isn’t the only benefit Lime brings to New Zealand.

As of Monday morning, over 50 operations specialists had been hired locally between Auckland and Christchurch as part of the company’s commitment to bring meaningful employment opportunities to all of its diverse markets.

Lime will also be using locally-contracted Juicers to pick up and charge the scooters overnight.


To get started using Lime down under, be sure to download the app or visit the website for more information.

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