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Brisbane’s First Million Scooter Rides Are Changing Urban Mobility In Queensland

Policy | May 31, 2019 | Share 

Earlier this month, Brisbane, Australia joined the likes of Seattle, Los Angeles, Paris and a growing list of international cities that have hosted at least 1,000,000 rides on Lime electric scooters.

What makes this milestone unique, however, is that it comes almost exactly as the results of a new survey are demonstrating the measurable impact that electric scooters are having on the Queensland capital.


Brisbane’s public transit network consists of buses, trains and ferries shuttling tens of thousands of city dwellers across the city on a daily basis. According to survey respondents, e-scooters are playing a significant role in this process, with more than 44% of riders using Lime to connect to public transit within the last month.

“What we’re seeing here is the complementary relationship between micromobility and mass transit,” said Mitchell Price, Lime’s Regional Director of Government Relations in APAC. “Unlike ridesharing services that tend to siphon users from public transit networks, Lime electric scooters help to connect riders with modes of transportation that may have been inaccessible before.”




When asked about their most recent outing, 18.7% of Lime riders reported that they had used a scooter to replace a ride that otherwise would have been made by car. This equates to fewer pollutants in the air around Brisbane, as all Lime scooters are powered by electricity.

Similarly, survey results show that Lime helps facilitate a car-light lifestyle as nearly 46% of riders live in a 0 or 1-car household.


Electric scooters serve a variety of daily urban needs. In Brisbane, 29.2% of riders reported using a Lime to commute to or from work or school during their last trip, while an additional 37.5% used their ride to travel to or from dining or entertainment.

Perhaps most telling is the level of enthusiasm that riders in Brisbane have for continued e-scooter use. When asked how likely they are to use shared dockless scooters for future transportation needs, 3 in 4 survey respondents responded with either “likely” or “very likely.”




To learn more about the most recent data and survey results from the world of micromobility, subscribe to Lime 2nd Street or download the app to take an electric scooter ride in Brisbane today.


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