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Lime, the world’s largest provider of shared electric vehicles, has been operating its sustainable mobility service since September 2017 in Washington DC. We are proud to deploy a total fleet of 5,000 of our new and industry-leading Gen4 scooters and e-bikes which come equipped with a swappable, interchangeable battery that optimizes the efficiency and sustainability of its operations.

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Communities thrive when people can seamlessly access jobs, retail and community. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing sustainable transportation to all, regardless of income.

Lime Access is our industry-leading affordability program, providing discounted rides to those who qualify. It also comprises a text-to-unlock and cash payment service in Washington DC to reduce the impact of the digital divide and ensure smartphones and credit cards are never barriers to sustainable transportation.

DC Rules of the Road & Parking

    • Users must be at least eighteen (18) years of age

    • Users shall park legally, using the lock-to mechanism

    • Users shall not ride with passengers;

    • Users shall yield to pedestrians;

    • Users shall park electric mobility devices in corrals when available;

    • Users shall ride electric mobility devices in protected bike lanes when available;

    • Users shall not ride on sidewalks within the Central Business District;

    • Users shall not operate an e-scooter while carrying any article, including a package or bundle, that hinders the person from keeping both hands on the handlebars; and

    • Users shall not operate a shared fleet device while wearing a headset, headphone, or earphone, unless the device is being used to improve the hearing of a person with a hearing impairment or the device covers or is inserted in one ear only;

    • In DC, all Lime vehicles are equipped with a lock mechanism. Find a permanent object out of the way to lock your vehicle to, and you’re done!
    • Sidewalks are called sidewalks for a reason, they’re for walking – not for parking. Never block the passage by parking your e-scooter or e-bike on the sidewalk! Leave a minimum of 3 feet width on the sidewalk for pedestrians and other road users.
    • Our e-scooters and e-bikes have a kickstand, a handy little tool that allows them to stand straight without having to lay against something. This also prevents them from falling, for example in case of heavy rain and wind.

    • Never block roads, handicap accessible ramps, parking spots, pedestrian crossings, public transit stops, and so on. Pretty self-explanatory!

    • Remember to respect businesses such as restaurants and shops. That building wall may look like a great place to park your e-scooter, but certainly not if it stops others from window shopping. Never park next to shop or restaurant windows!

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Our Partners

Building Bridges Across the River (Building Bridges) was incorporated in 1997 to build and manage the Town Hall Education Arts Recreation Campus (THEARC) and provide leadership for its nine original resident partners. THEARC opened in 2005 and now consists of three buildings housing fourteen organizations, two theaters, and several community spaces, as well as a farm and outdoor play spaces on our grounds.

Building Bridges envisions a future in which the residents East of the Anacostia River experience vital, thriving communities characterized by social, cultural, economic, and racial equity.

Washington Area Bicyclist Association (WABA) empowers people to ride bikes, build connections, and transform places. We envision a just and sustainable transportation system where walking, biking, and transit are the best ways to get around.

BuildWithin is a company tackling today’s hiring challenges by identifying, training and managing technology-related apprentices, endeavoring to remove barriers to entry for candidates from non-traditional backgrounds.

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