Guidelines — Law Enforcement Authorities USA & Canada

Lime Guidelines for Data Requests - Law Enforcement Authorities in North America

If you are an authorized law enforcement in the US or Canada using an official government domain you may submit a legal data request through our portal below.

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Law enforcement officials outside of North America should consult Lime Guidelines for Law Enforcement Authorities - Outside the US. Private parties, including civil litigants and criminal defendants, should consult our Guidelines for Third Party Data Requests.

Requirements for the Disclosure of Data

Authorized law enforcement must submit a search warrant, court order, subpoena, or local equivalent legal request addressed to, “Neutron Holdings Inc., 85 2nd Street, San Francisco 94105”. The document must detail specifics on the alleged crime committed, the information sought and how this particular information may benefit the investigation.

Lime’s Law Enforcement Response Team will carefully review, validate and only provide responsive records to law enforcement in accordance with our terms and policies. We will be unable to process overly broad or vague requests that do not identify the information sought with particularity.

Emergency Requests

If this is an emergency or exigent request that involves protecting an interest which is essential for the life of a rider, a Juicer, or any third party; or stopping activity that poses an immediate threat of death or serious physical harm to any person please submit an Emergency Request to the Lime Law Enforcement Response Team at [email protected] with the subject line of: "EMERGENCY DISCLOSURE REQUEST"

To ensure a prompt response please provide the following a description of the nature of the emergency and the details about the nature of the alleged actual or threatened serious physical harm or risk of death.

Once the emergency or exigency has passed, we will require law enforcement to follow up with the appropriate legal process or to obtain appropriate legal process for any additional disclosure. To facilitate our expedited review, law enforcement should provide as much detail about the incident or emergency as possible.

Data Stored

We collect and process user data as described in our Privacy Policy. When riders sign up and use the service, certain information is collected and processed in the ordinary course of using the service, such as location data. This may also include a phone number, email address, name, account start and end date, registration IP address, status, payment method and customer service communications. When Logistic Partners (individuals that Lime engages to assist them provide services in cities where it operates) sign up to Lime we may collect additional information including agreements, certain communications between juicers and Lime, and some payment or government ID data.


Lime reserves the right to notify riders and Logistic Partners of law enforcement requests for their information before disclosure with exceptions for emergencies, exigent requests, when we have a good faith belief that notice would be counterproductive or would create a risk to safety, or when we are prohibited from doing so by law (i.e., by statutory prohibition or court order). Law enforcement officials seeking non-disclosure of legal requests should provide relevant details concerning their investigation so that we may determine whether the request falls into one of these exceptions. In all other circumstances, law enforcement must obtain a non-disclosure order. If Lime receives a request for disclosure that is not governed by existing law or an accompanying non-disclosure order, we will give law enforcement the opportunity to seek court-ordered non-disclosure before we provide notice. Please be sure that the non-disclosure order states that notice is prohibited for a specified period of time. Upon receipt of an appropriate court order, we will delay notification unless or until the order expires or is withdrawn. Where available, Lime will take advantage of the statutory provisions of 18 U.S.C. § 3511(b)(1)(A) to have non-disclosure requirements reviewed by a court.